Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 61


Article by Angie Webster


The Most Important Thing in Reiki Practice

When we take up Reiki practice, we often look for something to fix our minds on as the primary focus. It’s human nature to want to figure something out or to focus on the most important element. Often Reiki practitioners do this with Reiki. They focus on the hand positions, or the sensations, or defining what Reiki is. Or they focus on the Reiki principles or on tools to use along with Reiki. Many concentrate on what Reiki is or how and why it works.

They want to figure it all out and explain it. Maybe they switch between these things, focusing on one and then another. Most of us travel through a process of wondering what Reiki is all about and how to grasp hold of it when we first get attuned. However, Reiki is much more complex and rich than any one element. Reiki holds space for all things.

Reiki is interwoven into all aspects of our lives and our beings, even when we don’t realize it. Reiki practice is the practice of awakening the realization that we are Reiki–Universal Energy–and that we are never separate from it. Reiki practice is the opening of our heart so that we are prepared to feel and know our connection to this all-pervasive energy and all its subtleties. The more we open to it, the more we realize that there truly is no grasping hold of it. You open and you keep opening. You let Reiki grasp you. You surrender and let yourself be held. Then, not only does the system of Reiki begin to make perfect sense, but Life does, too.

Each time we think about Reiki, practice Reiki, meditate with a symbol, or even simply open our minds and hearts, we make the space for this awakening to become more open and clear. Every single time we open our hearts to simply be with the energy of Life, or to sense its ever-present movement within us, we are already closer to home.

The evolution happens not within our minds, but within our hearts and our spirits. Yet, it affects our minds and our bodies. It changes our whole lives. The way we walk through life is completely different once we surrender to the energy of Life, which is Reiki. We don’t question synchronicity. We feel and know its presence and that when we honor it, life flows like a well-oiled machine. Our minds become more of a tool, working within the flow, rather than a dominating force that demands to run everything.

How do you start this process? Simple. Get attuned to Reiki, then practice. Use Reiki every day. Use it on yourself, use it on every aspect of your life. Let your imagination run free with ideas about the ways you can use Reiki, because the uses are never-ending. Apply Reiki practice to anything you are doing or thinking about. Make a habit of letting Reiki flow, no matter what you are doing. Contemplate Reiki, the Reiki principles, and symbols during meditation. You will soon feel connected to it in ways you never thought possible.