Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 57

Between dietary changes and nutritional supplementation, pretty much anyone dealing with full blown diabetes or any blood sugar issues can experience noticeable and often dramatic improvements in weight, blood pressure and heart health, significantly reducing the risks of an early demise.

If you’re one of the many millions of Americans dealing with this deadly blood sugar disease (in addition to reducing your intake of processed cereals, grains and flours, starchy foods, sugary snacks, desserts and soda pop) there’s some great nutritional supplements that can help with sugar control. Most notably the minerals zinc, magnesium, chromium, selenium and vanadium. The B-vitamins especially B1 and B3 can be helpful and Vitamin C has also been shown to help improve sugar control.

As far as the vast majority of cases of diabetes goes, it is of the Type 2 variety. For years alternative health practitioners and some foresighted mainstream medical professionals have counseled lifestyle medication as a sure–fire way to reduce many, if not all, of the unpleasant symptoms associated with this wide-spread health challenge affecting tens of millions of Americans.

by Ben Fuchs