Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 51




Dr. Horowitz reported the launch of OxySilver for Pets prompted by his neighbor Larry's "fur baby" Koco defeating death with OxySilver and pure organic dog food.

There is another satisfied pet owner whose dog "Louie" was similarly condemned to be "put down" by her vet. Louie made a DRAMATIC recovery after only three days on the product.

OxySilver for Pets is a veterinarian's and pet owner's blessing. This life-saving advanced silver-hydrosol is an effective alternative to risky vaccinations and deadly antibiotics. In fact, OxySilver for Pets makes all animal vaccinations and chemo-antibiotics obsolete. It does this by energetically zapping pathogens with 528--the frequency of LOVE--"The Universal Healer."

Stop poisoning animals with deadly drugs and risky vaccines! OxySilver for Pets also helps oxygenate tissues, and boosts natural nutritional immunity. OxySilver for Pets is a most potent solution used for protection and recovery for your beloved "fur babies."

OxySilver with 528 for Pets is a wonderful, safe, and effective way to keep your pets healthy, hasten recoveries, and in two cases in the last four weeks the animals defeated death sentences.

OxySilver for Pets comes with a high quality eye dropper for easy administration.

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Louie - 14 yrs old