Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 50

Cure Shoppe

from Dr. Leonard Horowitz

OXYSILVER with 528 is an effective alternative to risky vaccinations and deadly antibiotics. It promotes vaccine-free natural nutritional immunity against (FDA Censored Word) without immunization toxicity. OXYSILVER is the best selling, most potent silver hydrosol in the world today that is used for protection and recovery.

OXYSILVER is Unique and Powerful

•OXYSILVER is a scientifically tested electro-dynamic silver, oxygen, and hydrogen solution developed to strengthen natural immunity against (FDA Censored Word) and common chronic (FDA Censored Word) largely attributable to weakened immune systems.

OXYSILVER is made with pharmaceutical grade purified water, less than 5ppm nano-silver stably bonded

•to oxygen, and a resonance of 528Hz frequency of sound and 528nm of light (the reason the botanical world is greenish-yellow as selected by chlorophyll); and finally the solution is potentized using the •"Breath-of-the-Earth"--Hawaiian holy water, along with prayer.

Technically, OXYSILVER is classified as an oligodynamic silver-oxygen covalently-bonded structured (i.e., clustered) hydrosol,

•OXYSILVER serve as the world's first mineral water alternative to risky vaccinations and immunizations that corrupt natural immunity through heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune hypersensitivity, and GMO-associated pathogenesis.

OXYSILVER includes unique molecular structuring, atomic resonance energetics, and polarity electrochemistry providing state-of-the art natural, safe and effective (FDA Censored Word). This product destroys (FDA Censored Word); disease forming (FDA Censored Word), (FDA Censored Word), and (FDA Censored Word);while leaving most competitive probioticsadditionally protected.

A New Class of Mineral Waters

•OXYSILVER is a mineral water that is unlike any other silver product ever produced, any broad-spectrum antibiotic in existence, or any energetic nutrient ever developed.

Very simply, OXYSILVER is a suspension of electrically charged silver atoms, ionically prepared and combined with oxygen in a most unique way, that is covalently bonded, to energized oxygen atoms. What's entirely unique about this product is that theoretically it can (FDA Censored Word) and (FDA Censored Word) any (FDA Censored Word) affected by oxygen, which is the vast majority of (FDA Censored Word) from (FDA Censored Word) to (FDA Censored Word). It is an energy delivering, oxygenating, water-based, silver-ionized, frequency resonating formula that can only be produced in a special reactor* that was first developed and tested by NASA scientists for space missions and sustaining life in space when vital oxygen levels are low and (FDA Censored Word) risks are high. <<READ mORE>>