Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 47

The “528 PEOPLE GET READY” music video is really a gift from Dr. Horowitz for your awareness and well-being. Share this spiritually-uplifting “medicinal music” with your friends and loved ones. Music lovers, including serious audiophiles and studio engineers, will enjoy this gift and “musical feeling” difference. Health lovers will also enjoy the healing difference in 528Hz music. This secret sacred truth about music shall set us free, since this “smile test” resonates at the core of your spiritual well-being.

“We are the music,” Dr. Horowitz says, and this is the music of LOVE/528. Love yourself. Appreciate this gift. Smile! Administer this test, and spread this knowledge, to secure a brighter future for civilization.

In an April, 2015, Healthy World Newsletter, the announcement that U2 and Bono used 528Hz to record the theme track for their “Songs of Innocence” album generated a lot of controversy, and very strong feelings.

Most people were delighted that “LOVE/528″ is finally receiving its deserved attention from famous recording artists, such as Bono. Others voiced serious reservations, and some gross outrage, since Bono “sold out to the drug and chemical cartel” (based on his previously published endorsements of Monsanto). CLICK HERE to read the view shared by Dr. Horowitz on this matter, written by a third party concerned citizen and music lover.

Assuming (arguendo) that Bono “sold out.” Does that condemn: 1) Bono from ever awakening and repenting? and

2) Civilization from ever awakening and positively evolving?

Anyone who seriously studies 528Hz, and Dr. Horowitz’s monumental Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, comes away with the BIGGER PICTURE AND LARGER QUESTION:

“If LOVE/528 is our predestined future, prophesied to secure a thousand years of world peace; and every leader in geopolitics and global economics shall come to LOVE/528–the “Key to the House of David,” as prophesied in Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8; then who, or what, shall cause the Illuminati to change? What force shall motivate the oligarchy to evolve most positively? What shall cause the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking cartel to choose a healthier more sustainable way to conduct business in an optimally free world; so that everyone may live beyond mass-mediated fears, imposed plagues, contrived wars, jealous competition, and omnicide?”