Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 44

Very likely, yes, and a lot more than depression. Probably it would cure world aggression if given a chance and widespread playtime. In this way, public broadcasting could really make a difference!

Here's why:

We know that 528Hz sound and 528nm of light vibrates at the center of the universe, at the heart of rainbows, from the heart of the sun, and at the center of your heart as well.

And what emotions vibe at the center of your heart?

Most people would say, "LOVE," among heart-felt emotions impacting happiness vs. depression, immunity vs. distress and dis-ease.

Other heart-felt emotions are also stimulated by 528Hz. They include "JOY," "FAITH," and "BRAVERY."

'SADNESS" too is felt in your heart, and comes from personal losses and empathy for other people's suffering that would be dramatically reduced if more people had more LOVE, faith, joy, and bravery to defend human rights.

"Can listening to 528Hz music help cure depression?"