Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 4

A Note from an Editor

One a sunny afternoon we decided to go and visit our favorite local farm in the city by the name of Marando Farm. The weather was glorious, the sun was shining, the greens were green and the blues were blue. By the entrance we were met by a woonderful creature, seems like the nature itself came to greet us. "What is your name",- we asked, and she responded: "Heaven..., my nane is Heaven Holley and I would love to show you around.."

She showed us every corner of the Farm and we indeed had a heavenly time, learning about hydroponics and aquaponics, enjoying every plant and every animal we saw.

At the end of our private tour we bought fresh organic produce with all colors of the rainbow, unpasterized-raw dairy, goat milk, and organic fresh caige free eggs. What a divine experience! Holy Heaven -

What a Farm!!!

Love and Light


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