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nourishing basics

9. Consume iodine rich sea vegetables such as kelp, nori, dulce, wakame, and Main Coast Sea

Seasoning shakers (, or natural iodine supplements. Iodine kills viruses and bacteria and nourishes the Thyroid gland, which helps to maintain normal body temperature and provide the energy needed to eliminate toxins.

10. AVOID acidic substances, such as refined sugar, coffee, sodas, tobacco, alcohol, MSG,

fluoridated water, and highly processed and heavily salted foods, such as luncheon meats, bacon, chips, pickles, and various condiments.

11. Take a quality Garlic supplement (4-6 capsules) daily to eliminate congestion until

completely cleared. Endo Met’s Garlic is one of the most effective garlic supplements. Garlic is

Nature’s natural antibiotic. It clears lung congestion without the side effects. Cook with garlic and onions. They are rich in purifying sulphur.

12. Take OXYSILVER immune support hydrosol concentrate with 528 as directed. http:// . This silver product is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory immune booster.

13. Sleep, rest, and meditate as much as possible. This greatly helps to rebuild adrenal glands. De-stress with a therapeutic massage and soothing music. Therapies of this kind reduce acidity and greatly enhance the immune system. The body repairs and replenishes its hormones during sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

14. Freshen and circulate the air in your home. Breathe in the air near ocean waves or water

falls, which provide a rich source of small beneficial negative ions. Another option is to get an Elanra ionizer ( It is the only medical ionizer that produces the small, beneficial negative ions, found in Nature, that can be inhaled into lungs and bloodstream to

increase oxygen intake.

15. AVOID pollution and do not smoke. Breathing OUT and holding as long as possible

oxygenates the body. Practice the Butaynko method, Taidao, Tai Chi, Yoga, and/or Meditation methods of breathing. These modalities are all very beneficial because they help to balance the body’s pH and strengthen the immune system. Remember...the body has four channels of elimination...





Each channel must eliminate 2 lbs. of toxins a day. DO NOT HINDER them; ASSIST them!

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