Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 3

4 Transforming Health Through Natural

Remedies, Healthy Food and Fitness.

8 10 Ways to Increase Your Brain Size

Dr. Josh Axe

14 Top 10 Videos of

Dr. Michael Greger

16 Love the Food that Loves you Back

20 Four Big Fat Lies that Make you Fat and Sick

Dr. Mark Hyman

22 Learning Karma Lessons

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

28 Nourishing Basics. 15 Tips on How to Prevent

or Get Rid of Cold Quickly

32 Your Dietary Profile

Dr. Lady Carla Davis

38 Take Control of Your health. Is your Olive Oil fake?

Dr. Joseph Mercola

44 Can Listening to 528Hz Music Help Cure Depression?

46 People Get Ready in 528Hz

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

52 What causes Dimentia, Autism and Schizophrenia?

Dr. Joel Wallach

56 Diabetes Diet

Ben Fuchs, R. PH

60 The Most Important Thing in Reiki Practice

Reiki Rays. By Angie Webster

62 The Language of the Body is Sound

Jill Mattson

66 "Holy Heaven!" - What a Farm...

74 Cosmetic Chemists Agree..

Jay Adam Harper