Masters of Health Magazine January 2017 - Page 22

ypnosis is a powerful resource through - which we can both understand our karmic - purpose (what we are supposed to learn on the physical plane), as well as work out karmic lessons. The only two emotions to deal with are love and fear.

By far the most difficult karmic lesson to learn is the expression of love and the acceptance of unconditional love. Angels, or spirit guides, represent this principle to the highest degree. Inner fears and compromised levels of the soul's development block our ability to learn this lesson.

We see the chakras functioning as a repository for these karmic lessons in the forms of illness. For example, congenital heart defects in the current life may be the physical manifestation of a blocked heart chakra from a previous incarnation to either express or give love to others.

Diseases of the lungs and thymus gland may result from a blocked heart chakra. These energy centers known as chakras function as a repository of soul's energy, along with their karmic tests and responses and in previous incarnations. Physical illness often is simply the expression of these unlearned lessons, as I discuss in my books, Soul Healing and Protected By the Light.



Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Learning Karma Lessons