Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 9

Taking a Lesson from Maude

That day, I made a pact with myself - if I ever noticed myself holding back from expressing love or appreciation - to stop and ask myself, “What would Maude do?”

I started testing this out and sharing all sorts of things that I would normally keep to myself. And guess what? All sorts of crazy loving started coming back. And, I mean crazy in a good way!

People who I thought, “oh, that person would never be interested in me,” or “they probably hear that all the time” responded to me in ways that led to some of the most profoundly beautiful experiences I have ever had. It even changed the course of my life.

So, now I ask you the same question I asked myself: What are you waiting for? Whether you’ve been hurt or someone close to you has passed away, or if you think that you’re not lovable, just try asking yourself, “What would Maude do?”

And, I can tell you that the answer is probably going to be “go and love some more!”

So let’s go and love some more!

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