Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 85

9. CBD Oil Improves Leaky Gut

By interacting with receptors of the endocannabinoid system and helping to keep your body in a parasympathetic state, CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation and improve leaky gut. The parasympathetic nervous system is your “rest and digest” system. In a parasympathetic state, your intestinal and gland activity increases, and the muscles in your gastrointestinal tract are able to relax.

Just like other plants and herbs that are used in traditional medicine, hemp-derived CBD oil supports the body’s ability to heal itself. This is unlike pharmaceutical drugs that actually alter the body’s natural functions.

10. CBD Oil for Skin Health

CBD oil has shown to regulate the production of cytokines in experimental models of inflammation. This is what allows CBD to reduce inflammation and improve inflammatory skin conditions, like allergic contact dermatitis.

Studies show that topical application of CBD oil has therapeutic potential for the reduction of inflammation, without side effects. CBD oil can be used to improve acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, pruritus, skin care and other conditions caused by inflammation.

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