Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 50

Magnesium to the Rescue

Depression is a bit like the flu: It comes about when our resources have been over-spent and we haven’t recovered yet. The brain then puts you in slow motion to conserve what it has left in the tank. Your immune system can also be affected and it is common with depression for you also to experience colds and flu symptoms, as pathogens are opportunists that invade when our defences are down.

Extra magnesium can however help to build up our resources because it is the essential nutrient required by mitochondria to make Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – our cellular electrical energy currency.

In a recent open-label, blocked, randomized, cross-over trial with 126 adults, [10] consumption of magnesium chloride (equivalent to 248mg elemental magnesium) for six weeks resulted in a clinically significant net improvement in anxiety and depression symptoms. In fact, effects were observed within two weeks. It works quickly and is well tolerated without the need for close monitoring for toxicity. In other words, it is a safe natural salt that can be added as a daily supplement to increase overall dietary magnesium intake.

Researchers have found that the availability of magnesium also affects gut health and that dietary magnesium deficiency alters gut microbiota and leads to depressive-like behaviour. [11] We get substantial production of vitamin B12 from our beneficial bacteria (which depend on magnesium). B12 contributes to important neurotransmitter production in the gut, which ultimately supplies the brain. Low B12 is also associated with anxiety symptoms.

The best recovery will always be when we are supplying all of the body’s nutritional needs as part of a balanced fresh food diet, drinking plenty of fresh clean water (mineral), avoiding chemicals, sugar and process foods – as well as making sure we get plenty of regular fresh air, sunshine (for vitamin D) and exercise.

The brain needs lots of oxygen being pushed around the cardiovascular system. Your circulation has to move. Your muscles need to be stretched and worked. Avoiding toxic activities like smoking, binge drinking and hanging around people with toxic attitudes, can work wonders to improve health. A happy life with health and wellness requires mindfulness to carefully select quality foods packed with natural life force, vitamins and minerals. You’ll need to do this for quite a while in order to clean out years of old stored-up sludge and waste. You literally are what you eat. If you put the good stuff in, your body can start the clean-up process!