Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 41

Can Magnesium

Relieve Anxiety and Depression?

What if something as simple as

EXTRA magnesium could HELP YOU and your children COPE BETTER WITH STRESS, relieve anxiety, and make you more resilient?

Parenting is hard enough under normal circumstances where there are two parents supporting each other and generally living a healthy lifestyle. It challenges us in every way and on every level as we learn to give up our privacy and leisure time to care for new humans. Feelings of anxiety and stress from time to time are understandable.

However, these pressures and stresses can mount up exponentially when one parent is not participating and if there are exceptional financial or work pressures or nutritional deficiencies – particularly magnesium. All of these stressors can exacerbate health problems such as anxiety and depression.

How Bad is the Problem?

Mental disorders now account globally as the leading burden of disability, with depression forming a large part of this group.

According to the latest Australian household survey, the Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing published in 2015, almost 1 in 7 (13.9%) of children and adolescents aged 4–17 years were assessed as having mental health disorders in the previous 12 months (586,000 based on the estimated 2016 population).

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - 7.4% (312,000).

Anxiety disorders - 6.9% (291,000)

Major Depressive disorder - 2.8% (118,000)

Conduct disorder - 2.1% (89,000).

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