Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 16

For over a century there have been numerous graded opinions concerning the controversial roles that both creation and evolution may have played in the development of life and particularly humanity upon earth. But can anyone truly know with certainty which of these two viewpoints alone is the final solution to this grand mystery. Does this problem demand a mixture or hybrid of the two?

The theories concerning evolution alone have had many challenging gaps or leaps in comprehension to say the least and even this so-called scientific approach has its elements of faith required to accept its tenets, principles, beliefs or doctrines. Of course creationism is also filled with similar mysterious gaps and details that will probably only be resolved through further investigations by science or remain stagnant through assumptions of faith.

I prefer to explore a model embracing both, which I call Creative Evolution, where elements of both concepts are incorporated into a creative natural evolutionary design based upon the accepted laws of nature.

Little more than a century ago, science began to entertain notions of life arising from inert chemicals. Through the microscopes of that time the cell appeared to be no more than a single bag of chemicals. It therefore seemed reasonable to scientists such as Darwin to imagine that elementary living forms may have arisen from the random combination of organic chemicals in a primordial “soup”. But as man probed into the mysteries of the living cell the idea that life came from chemicals began to appear less reasonable. Yet most scientists today cling to the dogma of chemical evolution.

As time went on, microscopic exploration gradually revealed increasingly complex phenomena within the tiny cell, such as the precise regulation of cellular metabolism by the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), which involves the sophisticated interaction of thousands of kinds of elaborately structured protein molecules. It was no longer quite so easy to imagine how all this could have occurred by random combination of chemicals.

Creative Evolution

Written by

Dr. John Demartini

Author, educator and

world-renowned behavioural specialist