Masters of Health Magazine April 2019 - Page 132

. It is our visionary leaders who are invested in the patient, in the possibilities rather than the proven past, who will change and even revolutionize health care.

Real Women and Real Men, invested in progress, patient care, provider heath, and collaborative health care are what will change the face of medicine. We need to support those who are real, who are thinking out of the box, who are looking at what is possible not what has been done, to improve health care and take us forward.

I work to support the Real Women and Men who are doing just that. Our patients and our providers deserve that and so much more. It requires a willingness to make waves if needed, in order to bring heart, soul, and humanity back into health care.

Real health care is not a retail business. It is an act of healing and service. It is done by those who choose to be the servant leaders. Those who choose to serve their patients, as the hired hands, the leaders, the wisdom holders, and the healers who will now be the new and Real Women and Men of health care of the near future. We need them. The illusion of seeing the body as a mechanical instrument, as a one-dimensional reality is long gone and this new approach requires its healers to be Real, to be human, and to bring their heart, soul, and humanity to the table.

Medical school training and nursing school training needs to change. Calling their students to do the inner work necessary to own their healership, to own their multi-dimensional skills as real healers who see all of what their patients bring to the table.

Real Healers, Real Women, and Real Men are the future of health care. My book is only the beginning of defining what that looks like. Just imagine where we can go from hereā€¦.

Real Women Change the World: Letting The Good Girl Die So The Real Woman Can Live addresses an outdated belief and mindset that impacts women at all levels of success. As young girls move into womanhood they are called to make a choice to remain that Good Girl who never makes waves, makes people uncomfortable, or has too strong a voice or they choose to become a Real Woman who has no desire to make waves or make people uncomfortable either but instead is focusing on creating a world that supports her best self. It may require making waves yet the only ones whose feelings get hurt are those who have no room for the Real Woman to exist.

Dr. Dorothy takes us through the mindset, communication styles, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, and so much more that separate the Good Girl from the Real Woman. Calling each of us to find that Real Woman within through the metamorphous needed to allow the Good Girl to come alive in such a way that she has claimed her voice and can readily create the impact needed for change. Whether working with CEOs on Wall Street or entrepreneurs from Maine, as an Executive Leadership Coach, Dorothy sees the same style of self-betrayal and fear show up for women. This book is written to support those women come alive, find their purpose, passion, and power, and let the changes begin.