MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 40

MFA Fine Art
Glasgow School of Art
An artist sits in a bar, his deadpan
expression replicated by the life
size mannequins flanking him on either
side, each a crude likeness of himself.
The soundtrack is the instantly
recognisable theme tune of The Pink
Panther (1963). The young man and
his wingmen are all three dressed
in a casual uniform of button down
collared Ben Sherman checked shirts.
A fantasy sequence ensues in which
the artist choreographs his two
likenesses to the ballad of Lana Del
Rey's 'Blue Jeans'.
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Dominic Watson
Selected by
A nd r e a Ku s e l
Dominic Watson
Bootcut Renaissance, 2014



PG ≥40

HD video, 5 mins 12 secs