MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 4

MFA Contemporary Art Practice
Edinburgh College of Art

We break and remake images
every day, selecting, collecting
and storing some while discarding
All of us look at images in
different ways; a painting or
ad might be scanned in a flash
or carefully studied, inciting
feelings of anger or profound
sadness, or no feelings at all.

Th o ma s
A i t ch i s o n

Howsoever we might perceive
anything visual, we remake what
we see when we imperfectly
remember the fragments or
caricatures of the original.
Perception and cognition are
intimately tangled.
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Selected by
S t acy B o l d r i c k



PG ≥4

Thomas Aitchison

Tim Dodds

The Brown Scale,
2014. Oil on old
dust sheet
46cm x 91cm x 2cm

Stella Octangula,
Inkjet print
8 x A0

Nude, 2014
Oil on old
dust sheet
46cm x 92cm, 20cm

In Musée with
Tim Dodds,
Steel, found
panels, polythene
9m x 9m