MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 34

I first came across Katryn Saqui’s
work in 2010 when, in collaboration
with Julia Riddiough, she placed a
caravan on the beach in Whitstable.

'Internal States' was a largescale,
nomadic, viewing box, designed to
raise questions about how we map
our emotions. One part of the
project was a ‘diary of emotions’,
logging and mapping the emotional
responses of audience members.

Katryn Saqui
WB CT14, 2014
Salvaged wood and metal,
orange perspex with viewing
hole, yellow perspex signage,
rusty heavy weight winch
chain with hook on end,
stereo and film equipment
inside, battery packs
(no electrical power needed)
150cm x 130cm x 48cm

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Katryn Saqui

Selected by
Su e J o n e s

Ka t r yn Saqu i

MA Fine Art
University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury


PG ≥34