MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 28

MA Photography:
Contemporary Dialogues
University of Wales
Trinity Saint David

With MA exhibitions, no assumptions can be made.
This is no more apparent than in the work of artist Philip McAthey.
In an annexed part of one of the main exhibiting spaces, McAthey
questions the role of duration, of becoming and of temporality in
'Birdsong (Becoming-music)' (2014).
Coming across video works mid-duration is a widely recognised
folly of the exhibition rather than screening format, but in this
piece, McAthey not only uses this ploy to its advantage, but also
completely questions it.
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Philip McAthey
Selected by
Bob Gelsthorpe

Philip McAthey
(Becoming-music), 2014
Excerpt from digital video
4 mins 20 secs



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Philip McAthey