MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 26

Someone has been making an
unholy mess in the University
of Lincoln’s flagship new Art
and Design building. Plaster is
splattered up the glass windows
overlooking the landscaped turf
of the Brayford Pool campus,
home of the new Project Space
Plus Gallery.

MA Fine Art
University of Lincoln

Within, bags of plaster spill out
onto the floor, and the resultant
dust is trampled through the
corridors. At points throughout
the gallery, joyous mounds of
solidified plaster rise from the
A workbench sits unattended
surrounded by various mixing
bowls and apparatus, and nearby
rests an abandoned pair of
shoes. This chaotic scene is the
work of Laura Johnson.
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Lau r a J o hn s o n
Selected by
Dominic Mason



PG ≥26

Laura Johnson
Ousia, 2014
Building, casting
& pottery plaster
100cm x 150cm