MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 24

It started with a trail of cocoa beans leading
up a long set of stairs to a performance
studio and an (almost) empty banqueting table,
on which were laid a single, battered recipe
book and a knitted cupcake - abandoned there
rather than artfully placed.
Our protagonist, Jennie Howell, wore a green
evening dress and welcomed us into the room
as we found ourselves places at the table,
assisted by her collaborators who waited and
attended on us for the next 40 or so minutes.
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J e nn i e H o w e l l
Selected by
J o s e ph Y o un g

MA Performance & Visual Practices
University of Brighton

Jennie Howell
Extracts From The Evolution
of The Drum Stick and The Sound
of Sugar, 2014
Multisensory live art performance
experienced through sound, music,
visual and culinary art, with host
Jennie Howell and guests



PG ≥24

Eva Voutsaki