MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 20

MA Ceramics
Cardiff School
of Art & Design

Hung within a three-walled
rectangular space, emboldened
by a central wall of strong
mid-tone blue, Kate Haywood's
ceramic and textile assemblages,
referencing ideas and objects
of ritual and adornment within
diverse cultures, were skilfully

They can be viewed either
as individual pieces or as one
artwork: the relationships and
dialogues between the individual
assemblages encouraged the
viewer to stand back and see
the artwork in its entirety,
whilst the complexity and detail
of each piece invited closer
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Selected by
P au l W e a r i n g

Ka t e H ayw o o d
Kate Haywood
Gavotte, 2014
silk, steel,
gold leaf
64cm x 46cm x 3cm



PG ≥20