MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 14

Emma Lee Cracknell
II, 2014
Oil on canvas,
183cm x 183cm
Marzban Kapadia

S o r s ha Ga l v i n
Selected by
G r an t G i b s o n

MA Ceramics & Glass
Royal College of Art
If you’re reviewing a piece of art and you find yourself
seeking references from the first chapter of Genesis
as well as googling information on a cult eighties horror
movie then you know its maker is on to something.
Sorsha Galvin’s work pulls off the wonderful trick
of being both primal – in 'Fallen' (2014), for example,
she covers parts of her body with earthenware
before pouring plaster into the mould she’s created,
subsequently the clay is peeled away leaving the
finished result – and vaguely horrific at the same time.
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PG ≥14