MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 12

MFA Fine Art
University of Ulster

You could smell Elizabeth-Anne Curistan’s 'Neither' (2014) from the
corridor of the MFA University of Ulster degree show.
It was a particular smell of burnt wood – a smell that might conjure
up images of a bonfire or an arson attack. Fire seems to have that
unique power of simultaneously representing playful adventure and
evil destruction, the energies of life and entropy in equal measure.
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M a t t P ac k e r

E l i z a b e t h - A nn e
C u r i s t an

Elizabeth-Anne Curistan
Neither, 2014 Found and offcuts of various
types of wood, hinges, screws, burnt interior
213cm x 243cm x 195cm & 124cm x 134cm x 243cm



PG ≥12

Paul Marshall