MAstars Yearbook 2014 - Page 10

MA Fine Art
Norwich University
of the Arts

Emma L e e
C r ac k n e l l

Within a consistently strong
Fine Art MA show at Norwich
University of the Arts it was
energising to encounter Emma
Lee Cracknell’s work, a single
painting hung in the centre
of a divider wall generously
flooded by natural light coming
from the window to the side.
'II' (2014) is a 6 x 6 feet
canvas, covered in a restrained
palette of grey and Prussian
blue pigments mixed together
in subtly different hues and
opacities and applied with a
thick brush in warily defined
strokes, layer upon layer, to
suggest an overriding darkness.
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PG ≥10

Emma Lee Cracknell
II, 2014
Oil on canvas,
183cm x 183cm
Marzban Kapadia