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MASCOT ® HARDWEAR Combine MASCOT ® HARDWEAR with safety workwear in different safety classes If you are required to wear certified safety workwear in certain work situations, the combination of non hi-vis products in MASCOT ® HARDWEAR with hi-vis products in MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME, is obvious. The two ranges are created to match and create stylish and functional outfits that hold different safety classes. By combining a hi-vis jumper, trousers or jacket with your ordinary workwear you can easily achieve certified safety workwear in safety class 1, 2 or 3. See a few examples here. Assembly-certification By combining two individual products with EN ISO 20471 certification, one can achieve Class 3 for the assembled set. For example, a jacket designated as group B (group letter is available on the product label) can be combined with trousers or shorts of groups Y or X to achieve an assembled certification of EN ISO 20471 Class 3. Tops with reflective strips on sleeves Vests, and tops wit- hout reflective strips on sleeves A B C Trousers *) Combine to EN ISO 20471 class 3 By wearing the hi-vis gilet MASCOT ® Grimsby over a non-fluorescent hoodie and trousers, you achieve safety class 1. If you combine your outfit with the MASCOT ® Kendal trousers, your overall outfit will reach the highest safety standard, class 3. Y Φ Φ Φ Z Φ Ε Ε Shorts or 3/4 Length Trousers X Φ Φ Ε *) Bib & Braces can be combined into a certified class 2 or 3 as long as the upper body garment is worn over the bib. If the T-shirt or top is worn under the bib, then it is the class of the Bib & Brace alone that determines the total class. 97