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Dress in layers Keep warm | Stay dry Keeping warm does not necessarily mean dressing in the heaviest jacket you can find. It is about choosing the right clothes from inner to outer. 3 WEATHER PROTECTION 1 LAYER 1 — Stay dry 2 LAYER 2 — Keep warm STAY DRY KEEP WARM The clothes that you wear closest to the skin must have a strong ability to absorb moisture, transfer it away from the body and distribute it to a larger area to allow the moisture to evaporate quickly. The middle layer should be insulating and breathable. If it is extra cold, you can clothe yourself with several thin insulating layers. 3 WEATHER PROTECTION 4409 BREATHABLE LAYER 3 — Protect against the weather The outer layer should be breathable to allow moisture from the body to escape. In addition, it should be windproof and waterproof/water-repellent. 01009 WINDPROOF WATERPROOF 0618 LIGHTWEIGHT 0918 ERGONOMIC FIT 3309 REFLECTORS MASCOT ® ADVANCED | Jacket, four-way stretch, waterproof, lightweight Product number: 17001-411 87% polyamide/13% elastane - 200 g/m² Certified to EN 343 - class 3/3. Size: XS-4XL • The stretch material is flexible in all directions providing a unique freedom of movement with nothing that tightens or bothers. • The waterproof multifunctional stretch material combines a low weight with a very high durability. • Breathable, wind and waterproof with taped seams. • Extra visibility with the help of reflectors. • Certified to EN 3C26W'FfVB&FV7Fv7B&c