Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 625

PRODUCT TYPE PRODUCT NUMBER RANGE PAGE Sweatshirt with embroidered MASCOT logo, modern fit 17084-830 MASCOT ® Hardwear 102 Sweatshirt with half zip, modern fit 50611-971 (MASCOT ® Nantes) MASCOT ® Crossover 261 Sweatshirt with high adjustable collar, modern fit 17584-319 MASCOT ® Advanced 83 Sweatshirt with high collar, modern fit 50598-280 (MASCOT ® Soho) MASCOT ® Crossover 269 Sweatshirt with zipper, high collar, modern fit 17484-319 M T0Y[Y ”X]\]\\[\] L LN  PT0[XJHPT0۝[H ”X]\]\\[\] L MKNM PT0[X\HPT0[\]YHX]\]\\[\] LMNLKNM PT]] HPT0ܛݙ\ M X]\]\\[\] \ L LMNML PT0XZXJHPT0YHX]\]\\[\] \ L LMKNML PT0X\[JHPT0YH ”X]\ \X] L  PT0\XY[HPT0ܛݙ\ X]\ \X] \ L LL N M PT0[۝ZHPT0YH MX]\ \X] \ L L N M PT0Y[]JHPT0YH ”X]\ [\] L N  PT0XۊHPT0ܛݙ\ BX]\ [\] L M NM PT0][HPT0[\]YHX]\ [\] LMN NM PT0\[HPT0ܛݙ\X]\ [\] \ L LNL̈ PT0YۊHPT0YH ̌X]\ ][K\X]K[\] L L NL PT0ܙ[HPT0][\YH  \\ۙ\Y]Y [\\HX[[\] M̎ KNM PT0Y[Y B \\]QSQ^ [\] MN KNN PT0Y[Y \\]X\PTSRS [\] M KNN PT0Y[Y \\]X\]\\ [\] MN NN PT0Y[Y \\]\] [\\HX[[\] M NM HPT0Y[Y  \\]K]\۝\ ۙ\Y]Y [\] L L NL PT0[۝[JHPT0\X\ LM \\]\\[Y[\] M LLPT0Y[Y \\]\\[Y[\] MN LLPT0Y[YB \\]\\[\] M̎ NNMPT0Y[YB \\ [X[\] \ L LLNMH PT0\[JHPT0YH B \\ Hۜ[\] LMN KNM PT0[JHPT0ܛݙ\ • \\ ]ۙYX] Hۜ[\] L N NM PTܙY[X HPT0ܛݙ\  \\ \X] LL PT0]JHPT0ܛݙ\  \\ \X] L KLL PT0[[HPT0[XYH N \\ \X] \ L NLNM̈ PT0ۜݚ[JHPT0YH B \\ \X] \ L NLNM͈ PT0ۜݚ[JHPT0YH B \\ K]\YZY [\] LMKNMH PT0[Z\HPT0ܛݙ\ • \\ YY\] LMN NM PT0\\HPT0ܛݙ\ L \\ YY\] [X LMN NM PT0XJHPT0ܛݙ\ LB \\ YZY \X]  L  PT0[XZXJHPT0ܛݙ\ B \\ ۙ\Y]Y ]ۙYX] Hۜ[\] L N KNM PT0[[JHPT0ܛݙ\ B \\ ۙ\Y]Y [\] L M LL PT0[JHPT0ܛݙ\ \\ ۙ\Y]Y [\] L M NMNH PT0Y[Y[ HPT0[\]YH \\ ۙ\Y]Y ][K\X]K[\] L LNKNL PT0]\JHPT0][\YH \\ [\] L MNMNH PT0[JHPT0[\]YH \\ [\] LMMKNMH PT0[Z\HPT0ܛݙ\ • \\ [\] LM KNMM PPRPQS0\XJHXXZXY[0  \\ [\] \ L LN NMH PT[JHPT0YH MB \\ [\] \ L LNL PT0[[ HPT0YH B \\ [\\HX[K[\] M NM PT0ܛݙ\ B \\ [\\HX[[\] M NM  \\ X[[X[\] L MKLL PT[H\X[[] L͍ M PT0Y[JHPT0ܚY[[ M•\X[[] L͍LKM PT0\ۊHPT0ܚY[[ MB\X[[] M M M PT0Z\X[ HPT0ܚY[[ M•\X[[] M MLKM PT[YۊHPT0ܚY[[ MB͂• Œ BPT0Y[Y BPT0ܛݙ\ \X[[]]\] M̍KNLHPT0ܚY[[ L\X[[]]۝] MKM L PT0]\ HPT0ܚY[[ L•\X[[]]۝]]\\ LMKNL H PT0[ۘۊHPT0ܚY[[ L•\X[X] LKMNL PT0[YJHPT0ܚY[[ L\X[X] MKM H PPRPQS0[^Y[JHXXZXY[0 \X[X] LL KM PT0]JHPT0ܚY[[ M\X[X] LL M PT0[[Z[HPT0ܚY[[ M\X[X] M L KM PT0][ HPT0ܚY[[ MB\X[X] M L M PT0]JHPT0ܚY[[ M•\X[X]]۝] LMKM L PT0ۙۊHPT0ܚY[[ B\X[X]]۝]]\\ LLMKNL H PT0Y\JHPT0ܚY[[ LB\X[\\ LMKM PT[ݚ[JHPT0ܚY[[ M