Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 607

Important information about MASCOT’s products Rain? Choose certified rain protection A large part of the jackets in the assortment are certified according to EN 343. Choose workwear with EN 343, if you want to keep the rain out. See more about EN 343 on page 162. Keep the wind out If you work in a windy environment, choose windproof products and also check the jacket’s details. Among other things, it’s a good idea to make sure that the front fastening has a storm flap, either in front of or behind the zip \Z\۸&][]]HYH\\[Y][ۋYHوHX]\H]Y]Y]\]\H^[Y]HX›وH[XYZ[[[ \]H\YYYX[ۈYZ[HX]]S Y[H[H\HY\\H[[\ۛY[ˈYH[ܙHX]S ۈYH MSтY\Z[]Y[H\Hܚ[]YK\H[H\H^YZ[[H[]HHX[]HX\H]\وX] ܈H]\ق[X ]PT HX]\]\وۛH[H]\X]\X[ HX[\[H]Z[\H]\ً[HX\HۛHB]\X]\X[\]\ً]HX[\\H\Y H[\YBHX]\]\\\[[ [H]HH\X[HX]H؏’Y[X]X[]H[[\ܚX\\\H[\ܝ[ Y[H\B]]X] [H\][ H^Y\YZ[H[]BH[\\HX[[H]\^Y\[HX]XKž[H\H\H[\K[[H[\^Y\܈B&[\\HX[&H[X [[[H]\^Y\܂H8&X]Xx&H[X ܈[[[][S[[[“PT\\SPT0[[[]\[X]ˈ]H[]YX]H[[][[[[HY\\H[H[\[[\YYBو[ݙ[Y[ YH[ܙHX]SPT0ۈYH ͋YZY[[][ۂ]\وPTV0Y[H[XZH\H][H]H[\]YHX]\X[ۋ[H[܈XXYH]PTV0 HH]\ً[و[X]XHX]\X[ ܈X\[ۈ0Y[x&\H۝[]H]\\\[[]\X]\X[]\[\\[[[^[Y[H\XKSTTBPSPUPB܈Y]X\\H[Z[X\[HYYZ[X\܈HY]X\\H\][X]\HXX&\X[]H\\]\[]][ۋPTۛB[Y\H]\\\[HۈZ[X\\]\]\HX][HYYH^HY[Y\ˈYH[ܙHX]Z[X\]HY]\\\[HۈYH L ]\\\[[X\[ۈ0܈X\[ۈ0Y[HۛH[H]\\\[[]\X]\X[] ]\\\\[[[\H\XKUTTTSSVHB