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Workwear with social responsibility - internationally certified production Regardless of which product you choose from MASCOT’s assortment, we ensure that you can wear it with a clear conscience. The manufacturing conditions are continuously inspected and documented by independent international bodies. The vast majority of MASCOT’s assortment is manufactured in our own factories, which are certified according to SA 8000. SA 8000 is an internationally recognised standard in social responsibility, and it also sets requirements for subcontractors. Since the establishme وHXܚY\[Y][[PT\Y]\X[X[Y[Y[[]\X[X\[\[\HXܚY\[Y[X[[\[KYH[Y[YH[[ۜHYY]H][[HYHYYX[[X™܈[[\YY\ˈ[\[Y[][ۈوHX\Y\\]Z\YHH \YX][ۈ\Y[H]\[ܛX[\][ۈوH^\[ܚ[ۙ][ۜ˂H[XZ[[X\HX[YX\Y[\]XHXܚY\]Y][ق^\\H][HXܛ\ HXܚY\]XPT\\\\YܙY[Y[\HXX[X[[X[ۜH[[\[[\\KX[X]\][Hܚ[ۙ][ۜ[؈]\٘X[ۈ]XX][ۂ]\[[\ۛY[[۝ XY[ܙHۈ˛X\ܚX\B]H PT[[]H]B[X܂ܘYX܂Hܚ[™[\ۛY[Y\Y[ۙ][ۜ”X\ۘXHܚ[š\[Y\