Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 471

MASCOT ® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC F0014-901-0902 F0014-901 S3 MASCOT ® Kilimanjaro | Safety Shoe S3 with laces 120˚ OIL/PETROL TEXTILE NAIL PROTECTION LADDER GRIP Product number: F0014-901 Oil Nubuck Size 42: 670 grams SHANK SHOCK- ABSORBING KNEELING WRU PU/TPU SOLE EU size: 39-48 Width 11 | UK size: M 6-13 Width 11 Certified to EN ISO 20345 2011, safety class S3 SRC. • The ergonomically formed aluminium toe cap gives better protection to the toes and avoids irritations when bending your foot. • The flexible midsole protection of special textile increases comfort a XYZ[ [Y][ۋH^[HZYH\\\[]\XYZ[Z[[\ؚX[HY\\XH\\Y]HY[ZYK(^HۙY][YH]\XHHZ[ܘ[Y[]HK(\\[܈Yܝ]Xܘ[ۙ\[HY[[K(X[\][ۈ]PT8&\][Y][KY[[ۈ[XZ\\X\Z]XH][[ܚ[ۈ[][\X\܈ۈY\˂(\\\[ \XHH ԐX\YYY KSBKPTTӓRP