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MASCOT ® UNIQUE 0209 5509 11010 0309 0618 0918 1809 MODERN FIT MASCOT ® Bielefeld | T-shirt, long-sleeved, modern fit Product number: 50568-959 60% cotton/40% polyester - 195 g/m² Size: XS-4XL • Anti-pilling pre-shrunk cotton, does not shed. • Modern, close fit with great freedom of movement. • Good space for placement of company logo. • Extra padding over the seam at the neck so the seam does not cause irritation. • Ribbed collar and sleeves. 5509 LIGHTWEIGHT 0618 TRIPLE SEAMS ERGONOMIC FIT HOLSTER POCKET 09 KNEE PAD POCKET REFLECTORS EN ISO 15797 MASCOT ® Lindau | ¾ Length Trousers with CORDURA® kneepad pockets and holster pockets, high durability Product number: 14349-442, Two-tone Product number: 14449-442, One-tone 65% polyester/35% cotton - 270 g/m² Tested in accordance with EN ISO 15797 and assessed according to ETSA. The fabric complies with the demands of UV Standard 801. If you use MASCOT® Waterloo knee pads with this product you will meet the safety standards of EN 14404. Leg length and size: 53 cm: C 44-C 66 • Durable triple stitched seams on leg and crotch extend product life. • Ergonomic fit to suit your legs’ shape, gusset on the inside of the legs and at crotch (with extra reinforcement). • Holster pockets of durable CORDURA ® with extra pockets for tools. • CORDURA ® Z[ܘYۙY\Y] H][\[ۈوۙY\YHXݙK]\ ^H۸&]X\ (^H\X[]H]H[وYXܜ˂