Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 462

MASCOT ® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY The INDUSTRY collection offers robust and hard-wearing footwear for outdoor work. The footwear is designed to resist wear when crawling around on concrete floors, working in sewer pipes or in other similiar environments. This footwear is ideal for more extreme conditions with a sole made of strong PU/rubber that is heat resistant up to 300° contact heat. The strong scuff cap makes the footwear extremely hard-wearing for kneeling work. It also has a non-slip sole, with a specially designed pattern that releases dirt and mud when the sole bends while walking. Knitted Hat, 50603-974, see page 415 Winter Jacket, 12135-211, see page 25 Safety Shoe, F0073-902, see page 464 Safety Boot, F0074-902, see page 465 Safety Boot, F0169-902, see page 467 462