Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 455

MASCOT ® FOOTWEAR FIT No more cold feet Metal free shoes Metal conducts heat and cold. In safety footwear with steel nail protection and metal toe caps, your feet, and especially your toes, can become uncomfortably cold when working in cold environments. With metal free shoes, you avoid this as your feet aren’t exposed to additional cold or heat from the surroundings. The nail protection is made of a thick textile material that protects your feet against sharp impacts from below, just as with steel nail protection. The toe cap is made of a composite; a more lightweight material than steel. The composite toe cap also offers you certified protection against pressure \\Y[H\ˈ[H[[HX[][ۈ]Y[Y][YHH\[Y][YHZ[X[ۂ[HU V[SSRPX[ۜ˂Y[H[]YY][\][K[B[HX\]]H0 \BH0\[H\\YۈH\H\[HقZ[\Y[ [[Y[X\B)H[\\Y[KH]HB[\\HX[[H۸&]]]Y] ]Y]]ZXHXYHY] [\X^H[YY˜H^H[[][Y[Hܚ[[\ۛY[˂YHH\H[X[ۈوܚۈYH M