Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 442

MASCOT ® FOOTWEAR DYNAMIC DYNAMIC is the optimum choice for an active workday when you need footwear that is both hard-wearing and comfortable. These models feature strong reinforcement at the toes (scuff cap), which is an absolute must if a lot of your work takes place in a kneeling position. Inside the footwear, your feet benefit from an ergonomically-designed fit so the footwear can bend and move extensively, without the toe cap or other safety features causing discomfort. The footwear has a sporty look, effective shock absorption and a transparent non-marking sole. Thermal Jacket, 15015-998, see page 100 Belt, 50456-990, see page 418 Socks, 50409-876, see page 420 Safety Sandal, F0107-937, see page 459 Safety Shoe, F0108-937, see page 458 Safety Shoe, F0113-937, see page 453 442