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MASCOT ® FOOTWEAR MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX The FLEX collection is your guarantee for optimum fit. The FLEX models are freedom to move for hours without getting tired feet. The weight of these safety shoes is among the lowest on the market. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR DYNAMIC Safety footwear from the DYNAMIC range is durable and comfortable to wear. The footwear has effective shock absorption and a non-marking transparent sole. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT The FIT collection has a comfortable fit. The FIT models are also lightweight, flexible and offer great shock absorption, retaining their comfort even after long days of wearing the safety footwear. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR TECH The TECH collection includes comfortable footwear for tradespeople, and those in light construc- tion, logistics and light industry. The sole is heat-resistant up to 300 °C contact heat. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY The INDUSTRY collection offers robust and hard-wearing footwear for outdoor work. The footwear is designed for more extreme conditions with a strong PU/rubber sole. MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC In addition to all of the safety details, the CLASSIC collection offers a very comfortable fit. Choose CLASSIC if you want footwear that is slightly broader than average. Protect and care for your footwear with the right products to extend the life of your footw X\    PT0PTX\ܚY\