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Welcome to MASCOT! - And to an easy, quick and quality conscious trade It is easy to do business with MASCOT. You have an entire assortment of workwear at your disposal – from head to toe and for all seasons. You only need to shop in one place, and you’ll get international support all over the world. In addition, you can automate many aspects of your trade with MASCOT, as you wish. It is also quick to do business with MASCOT. We offer user-friendly, online ordering platforms that will save you time and minimise errors. We process orders from all over the world within 24-48 hours from a fully automated, ultramodern logistics centre with a continuous inventory of more than 4 million products. Flawless and fast – and, if you wish, we can man-pack the workwear. If you choose MASCOT, you also make a quality conscious decision. It is not just that the workwear and safety footwear are thoroughly tested and of the highest quality, it is also that MASCOT offers you the most efficient ordering and service solutions. Last but not least, it means that when you buy products from MASCOT, you know they are manufactured under good working conditions. The vast majority of MASCOT’s products are manufactured on our own CSR-certified factories in Vietnam and Laos. We guarantee good working conditions – and socially responsible workwear. When you do business with MASCOT, you do business with a company that continuously develops its products, services and solutions. We constantly focus on the opportunities and limitations of our customers and potential customers. These inputs are the focal point in the development of new products and solutions from MASCOT. We will be one step ahead to deliver the best solutions to our customers because that means our customers also are a step ahead. OVER 3000 +2000 EMPLOYEES 4 DISTRIBUTORS WORLDWIDE