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MASCOT ® UNIQUE Quality number: 230 Composition: 50%cotton/50%polyester Weight per m²: 205 grams Special advantages: Lightweight The lightest trousers in the assortment Quality number: 442 Composition: 65% polyester/35%cotton Weight per m²: 270 grams Special advantages: Lightweight material with high durability Lightweight workwear for industry and construction Quality number: 203 Composition: 70% polyester/30% lyocell (TENCEL ® ), Weight per m²: 340 grams Special advantages: Soft, durable and cooling Durable and comfortable workwear for tradesmen With a weight at only 205 g/m² this is the lightest trouser-quality in MASCOT’s assortment. The material has a high content of cotton compared to other trouser-qualities. Cotton can absorb a lot of moisture, while it conducts heat away from the body. It also makes the material especially comfortable to wear against the skin. Polyester in the material especially adds durability. Despite the low weight, trousers in this fabric quality has a very high durability. CORDURA ® - reinforcements on exposed also increase durability. For industry workers and some tradesmen, lightweight and soft workwear is essential. Fabric quality 442 is both lightweight and extremely durable. It keeps its shape and colour even after being washed repeatedly. Fabric quality 442 is one of the []\Y\\XX\XX[HH[\K[\X [H[[[H\H[X[ۈو]ۙYX[XX]X[]H Z]XH܂[\X[][\[[PT0STH[PT0SPQK[XY[HHXX]\\XK^[Y[Hٝ[]H[YH[YH[˜[[\\HX[ˈ\\HY[[[x&[]HHPT8&\XX[]X[]H ˈHZ^]Y[Y\\[SS0ݚY\HXX][\]YH\Y\ˈSS0\H L H]\[XH\]YHY\ˈ[\Y[ܚX\SS0\[\\]\H۝[[[\\HX[[HXXY[\ٝ [[[YZ[H[HXX[X][›Y] ][H[ H]\XX]X[]H HX\ ؝\ˈ[]\œZ]XH܈[\X[][\[ˈHXX]X[]H [[\ٙ\[ۂ[X[ܚX\]\YܝXHX\[\HۙY\[