Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 346

Combine products and attain the highest protection MASCOT’s entire assortment of safety workwear with EN ISO 20471 certification can be combined. A simple letter system makes it easy to see which products you can combine to attain, for example, certified class 3 clothing. The system is approved by the certification institute and eliminates uncertainty. In this way, employees always have the right safety class. Tops with reflective strips on sleeves Vests, and tops without reflective strips on sleeves A B C Trousers *) Y Φ Φ Φ Z Φ Ε Ε Shorts or 3/4 Length Trousers X Φ Φ Ε *) Bib & Braces can be combined into a certified class 2 or 3 as ۙ\H\\H\Y[\ܛݙ\HXYH \\܈\ܛ[\HX[]\H\وHX XH[ۙH]]\Z[\H[\˂