Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 338

We produce the clothing MASCOT’s workwear is manufactured at MASCOT’s own factories in Vietnam and Laos, where we have more than 2000 MASCOT employees. The vast majority of our workwear is produced by us, which gives us great flexibility to cope with ever-changing demand. But, even more important: It allows for 100% quality assurance, not only with regard to your MASCOT products, but also in terms of the employees’ working environment and conditions. Read more about the production on page 6. EN 343 – Certified breathable and waterproof workwear When working regardless of the weather, it is important to be properly dressed. Look for the EN 343-certification if you want to ensure comfort regardless of rain and wind. The first number indicates the water tightness and the second number refers to the breathability of the overall product. Both scale values run from 1-3, where 3 indicates the highest class. 338 EN 342 – Certified protection against cold Effective cold protection is achieved by wearing clothes that are certified in accordance to EN 342. Each garment is protected to certain classes of protection. The first number indicates the air permeability (AP) Class 1-3, where 3 indicates the highest class. The second number indicates its resistance to water penetration Class 1-2, where 2 indicates the highest class.