Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 323

MASCOT ® SAFE SUPREME Cotton on the inside A special detail with these products is that the fabric is woven so that the polyester is primarily on the outside, for both wear resistance and colour fastness, and the cotton is on the inside, for comfort. Cotton is soft, moisture absorbing and comfortable against the skin. MODERN FIT MASCOT ® Corby | Hoodie, waffled texture, modern fit Product number: 50138-932 50% cotton/50% polyester - 310 g/m² 14010 17010 Hi-Vis Group A. Certified to EN ISO 20471 - class 3 (S = class 2). The product is certified with maximum 0,0600 m² (M-4XL) 0,1900 m² (S) logo area. This approved area must not be exceeded. Logo on, respectively, front or back of the product can constitute only a maximum of 50% of the total approved logo area in order to maintain the EN ISO 20471-certification. 1418 1709 1718 22218 Size: S-4XL • Modern, close fit with great freedom of movement. • Fabric with polyester on one side for both wear resistance and colour fastness and cotton on the other side, for the sake of comfort. • Heavy-duty zip-pulls on all zippers that are easy to grab, even when wearing gloves. • Ribbed waist and cuffs. • Front zipper hidden behind fabric prevents ingress of dirt and dust. • Extra freedom of movement with elastic reflectors. 323