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Combine products and achieve the highest protection For you and your colleagues there are two ways to attain the highest safety class according to EN ISO 20471: either choose an EN ISO 20471 product that is rated class 3 on its own, or choose two products that together are class 3 certified. MASCOT has had approved a unique and simple letter system that makes it easier to understand the various classes and provides an overview of the different combination options for attaining class 3 clothing. The system is approved by the certification institute and eliminates uncertainty. In this way, employees always have the correct safety class. Assembly-certification At MASCOT you can combine two individual pro- ducts with EN ISO 20471 certification and attain class 3 for the assembled set. For example, to the right you will find a class 2 fleece jacket (product group A) and a pair of class 1 trousers (product group Z). From the scheme you can see that when you combine these two products, you attain an assembled certification class 3. Full safety – for you and your colleagues. Trousers *) Tops with reflective strips on sleeves Vests, and tops without reflective strips on sleeves A B C Y Φ Φ Φ Z Φ Ε Ε Shorts or 3/4 Length Trousers X Φ Φ Ε *) Bib & Braces can be combined into a certified class 2 or 3 as long as the upper body garment is worn over the bib. If the T-shirt or top is worn under the bib, then it is the class of the Bib & Brace alone that determines the total class. PT0YY[\\YYY\ Xܛ\JH[PT0YY\\YYY\ H Xܛ\K[X[[\HX[HXY]HHY\Y]K\YYY\ ˈ[H[YH^K[H[X[B[PT8&\XXY]HHY\\YX][ۂ\ˈ^XXX\H]Y]HܚX\H]BY[[ۙYH\YX][ۈ\وH[\H]] ܂H[X N