Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 307

MASCOT ® MULTISAFE Certified visible and safe Approved according to the international norm EN ISO 20471 which imposes requirements on visible workwear for employees in high- risk areas. The fluorescent material keeps you visible in daylight and the reflectors with the highest reflectivity make you visible in the dark. The material has a dirt-repellent surface that prevents the clothes from getting dirty to keep you visible for a longer period of time. Protect your knees If you often work on your knees it is important to protect your knees – also when you work in multi-protective workwear. The kne- epad pockets in these trousers can be adjustable so the kneepads can be optimally placed on the knees. The knee pads are inserted from above and the kneepad pockets are closed with flap and hook and loop fastening so dirt and sparks won’t get in. Windproof, waterproof and br X]XBH[\\\\HX]XK[[]\ً[\ BݙYXܙ[S X[ۈYZ[Z[[S X[ۈYZ[ HZ\[\Y\]HX˜]\XYZ[ HX\[H[[ݙY[]HB[YYXH]HX˂][K\X]HX]\X[\\H][K\X]HX\]\\YYY[K\]X[KXXY[[YK\]\[ \X][HS LMKLS LMKMKS L  \H H[ST LML LKLKKLKJJK][œXH[XX\[\[ۘ[[[\ \X][BQP M L \Y[Xܙ[HS M LKL \Y[Xܙ[HQP M LKLH U H [ pJH[ST LMLBH H LKLJK[X\\H][]Z[“ۈH]\YHوHY[H[[HY[\]ܛB\]XZ\]X\H\HH\\[X\[ˈB[\\\]H\\HH[YH]Z[\[\ܚX\X] \[Y]]ۙH][[\]