Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 290

Stay warm and dry when it is cold Thermax ® is an insulating, triple layered material developed by MASCOT ® . It is used primarily in our thermal underwear as the material is extremely insulating. The fabric is developed for use in very low temperatures and for low activity work in cold environments. It is designed so that the inner polyester layer channels moisture away from the body out to the cotton and modal fibres in the outer layer, so your skin always feels dry. The outer layer of the fabric is also insulating and helps to keep the heat in. Accessories in the same material MASCOT ® Visby | 00780-380 | Knitted Hat, moisture wicking | see page 415 290 MASCOT ® Kalmar | 00781-380 | Neck Warmer, insulating og moisture wicking | see page 415