Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 22

One range for everyone MASCOT ® UNIQUE is MASCOT’s bestselling range in Europe. It is a comprehensive workwear range suitable for craftsmen and industry. The two-tone workwear is available in 8 colour combinations, many product variants and different fabric qualities providing countless opportunities for variation in MASCOT’s line of workwear. In addition, the range is certified in accordance to all relevant standards. Fleece Jacket, 16003-302, see page 32 Trousers with kneepad pockets and holster pockets, 14031-203, see page 40 Safety Shoe, F0117-906, see page 444 22 Hoodie, 50572-963, see page 41 ¾ Length Trousers with kneepad pockets and holster pockets, 14349-442, see page 47 Safety Shoe, F0113-937, see page 453 Sweatshirt with zipper, 50565-963, see page 42 Trousers with kneepad pockets, 13079-230, see page 45 Safety Shoe, F0111-937, see page 449