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Three different types of thermal clothing On this and the following pages you will find quilted thermal clothing in three different fabrics. The three fabrics have different required washing temperatures and as such, are each suited for different industries and professions. They all have the characteristic quilt-pattern made by ultrasound quilting, in which the material layers are bonded together. This results in a far more durable quilt than that of traditional stitched quilting. If you are looking for more fashionable thermal clothing, then take a look at the ranges MASCOT ® ADVANCED and MASCOT ® HARDWEAR. Health label for textiles Oeko-Tex certification means it has been tested and is proven safe to use in clothing which is in contact with the skin and the certification guarantees that the health risk in connection with the product is minimised. It is in other words your guarantee that the harmful chemicals that could be left in the finished product do not exceed the permitted values. Look for the Oeko-Tex ® logo under the products. 212 01 MASCOT ® Dundee | Thermal Jacket Product number: 00525-590 100% polyester - 255 g/m² Size: XS-4XL • Ultrasound welded polyester quilting with highly insulating polyester wadding, lasts longer than stitched quilting. • High ribbed collar. • Kidney protection. • Spacious front pockets. • Ribbed waist and cuffs.