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Mascot International MASCOT ® SmartStore MASCOT ® SmartStore is a web-based online management system for workwear and personal protective equipment – ideal for large and medium- sized companies. Your new workwear – possibly with printed or embroidered logo, name, or the option of additional services - delivered directly to your door. It can come in a personally packed box, either to the company or to a private address - whichever you choose. Your distributor will take care of all the practicalities and help you get started. Together you can decide on the range you want included and where your logo shall be placed. The system can be adapted exactly for you - with different ranges per department, ordering hierarchy, etc. Save time the next time you order. Contact your distributor and get started right away. See more about MASCOT ® SmartStore at www., where you will find a small animated film with Max and his experiences with ordering new workwear. Buy online Regardless of the size of your company, it is possible to order online. Smaller companies especially can benefit from our MASCOT distributor webshop with access to MASCOT’s entire assortment and fast delivery. Awarded workwear management solution MASCOT was, in 2013, awarded for MASCOT ® SmartStore. The award was given to MASCOT for offering the most productive customer service within the workwear industry. 19