Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 181

MASCOT MASCOT ® ® xxxxxxx IMAGE Quality number: 442 Composition: 65% polyester/35%cotton Weight per m²: 270 grams Special advantages: Lightweight material with high durability Lightweight workwear for industry and construction Quality number: 430 Composition: 65% polyester/35%cotton Weight per m²: 310 grams Special advantages: A durable, soft and stylish classic Durable and stylish in any sector Quality number: 630 Composition: 100% cotton Weight per m²: 355 grams Special advantages: A soft and moisture absorbing natural material Soft and moisture absorbing natural material For industry workers and some tradesmen, lightweight and soft workwear is essential. Fabric quality 442 is both lightweight and extremely durable. It keeps its shape and colour even after frequent industrial washing. Fabric quality 442 is one of the most favoured trouser fabrics, especially by industry, and as such, you will also find several products of fabric quality 442 in the MASCOT ® UNIQUE and MASCOT ® INDUSTRY ranges. Quality 430 is one of MASCOT’s most sold fabrics. It has a variety of uses in different disciplines for both industry and tradesmen. A mix of polyester and cotton creates a robust fabric that effectively keeps its colour and shape even after frequent washing and drying. Quality 430, at 310 g/m², is the heaviest of MASCOT’s twill fabrics in polyester/cotton. A fabric of 100% cotton has some very special properties because it is a pure natural material. Cotton is soft and very comfortable to wear. It is withstand wash temperatures up to 95 degrees C. 181