Mascot catalogo 2018 Mascot 2018 - Page 170

11010 1809 BREATHABLE MASCOT ® Finley | Softshell Jacket with fleece on inner side Product number: 15702-253 100% polyester - 280 g/m² Size: S-4XL • The dark contrast is placed where the clothing is most exposed to dirt. • Breathable. • No seams on the top of the shoulders: prevents water from penetrating. • Extra protection against the cold with an extended back. • Chest pocket with vertical zip and easy access - suitable for mobile phone. 11010 LIGHTWEIGHT TRIPLE SEAMS 1809 ERGONOMIC FIT KNEE PAD POCKET QPԔ“PT0[[ܘH\\]ۙY\Y]YZYX\ MMKLIHY\\IHۈ H Hp(\XH\H]YX[\ۈY[ܛ^[XYK(\\Y\YۙY\XX[H]HXX]HX\[\[ۙY[[˂(Y\XHۙY\Y]ۙY\Y[H[X[HXYۈHۙYK(H\۝\\XY\HH[\[^Y\ (\[\[YHY\[Y[[H[HH\][[X[X[Y[و]Z[\܈[KM